Return Strip Tape
A Safe way to get your returns back!
Pre-Cut Tape with Extended release liner
  • Cost saving
  • Secure packages on Return
  • USPS Approved
  • Custom Printing Available
  • Stock prints - No Plate Charge
  • Ez Peel Liner
  1. Cost Effective way to get your products returned safely.
  2. Ideal for returned merchandise and warranty items or service product returns.
  3. Custom Printing with your logo. Custom sizes and color on stock prints.
Stock Sizes Available - in clear
  1. 2" x 24" 2.0 Mil. 3500/cs.
  2. 2" x 16" 2.0 Mil. 2000/cs.
  3. 3" x 32" 2.6 Mil. 1000/cs.
  • Other sizes made to order
  • Custom printed standard stock prints available upon request
  • Custom VOID security strips are also available
  • Custom Strips made to order - Please call for more information